Information-analytical department services   1 Audit of the economy:
  • Analysis of operating rations.
  • Evaluation of feeding technology.
  • Evaluation of the structure of feed.
  • Evaluation of feed digestibility.
  • Interpretation of blood counts
  2 Systematic monitoring of the economy:
  • Correction of rations on dry matter, according to the latest
analysis of feed.
  • Tracking the dynamics of productivity.
  • Participation in technological processes
  3 Calculation of the diet, per 1 unit.
  • Calculation based on feed analyzes.
  • Formation of QC as a single product.
  • Description of nutritional parameters
   4. Calculation of formulations, per 1 unit.
  • Individual recipe for premixes, BMVD, KK.
  • A guideline for blood and fodder analysis.
  • Adding micro-additives.
  • Selection of individual% of crude protein
   5. Training of personnel, for 1 person.
  • Information in the form of available presentations
  • Conducting testing to verify the assimilation of material