What exactly do we mean by animal welfare? Well-being of an animal is a combination of factors that provide the animal with the best living conditions, with a decrease in the incidence rate and an increase in fertility and productivity; it is obvious that this is all leads to positive consequences for the breeder. The most terrible enemy of animal welfare, especially in summer and in areas characterized by hot and a humid climate, there is an excessive increase in temperature in combination with high humidity (elevated THI index). To overcome this condition, it is necessary to ensure good air quality. Unfortunately, natural ventilation is often insufficient, so it is fundamentally important provide forced ventilation, to dissipate moisture and gas to give place to fresh air, coming from outside. Ventilation performs some fundamental functions:
  • • removal of harmful gases resulting from metabolic processes and fermentation of feces
  • • removal of dust and microbes present in the atmosphere
  • • removal of excess water vapor;
  • • removal of ammonia
  • • Delivery of required oxygen
  • • mitigation of the effect of heat penetrating the shelter from solar radiation.
There is nothing better in the market than the CMP Impianti's destratificators: they are not simple fans, but equipment designed to dissipate the layers of heat that accumulate in the room. The result is fresh air, which reduces temperature during the summer months and redistributes warm air from the soil in the winter months.