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Company “Trade House«BIZART»” LTD

How we started, or the story of the emergence of TH “Bizart” LTD … ..
At the end of 2009, I had the idea about the hidden possibilities and deep potential of the Ukrainian cattle market. So I decided to try myself in this direction, and as a result, in 2010, the company Bizart was born.

Bizart is a combination of the words BUSINESS and ART, reflecting the company’s idea of ​​doing business with the knowledge of its business.

Of Bizart philosophy – By protecting animals, we increase productivity, what means:
– a healthy way of life both for people and for animals
– absence of antibiotics in the process of rearing animals
– a cautious attitude to the environment
– introduction of advanced technologies, for incring the productivity of animals and protecting them from careless attitude
– I am convinced that success in working with animals is possible only if the requirements of animal physiology are met.

Our offer for the market is as followed:
– products for feeding animals and forage harvesting
– equipment for creating optimal conditions for rearing and keeping livestock
– consulting on feeding (calculation of ration, harvesting of food, etc.)
– service equipment maintenance

How did such a list of goods develop?
Everything was very natural. It so happened that the company began its activity in the cattle market for the sale of whole milk replacers. Very quickly, I realized that stirring milk replacers in manualy  did not give the desired results, and thus we found the manufacturer of special equipment for the preparation of a mixture of milk (milk taxi and automatic feeder).

The next step – we realized that there is a problem of defrosting and drinking colostrum and so we found the manufacturer of the necessary equipment. So comparing the requirements of animal physiology and the actual situation in farms, we revealed shortcomings in technology. And when  the problem is clear – the solution comes itself.

Why is it  profitable to be with Bizart?
– Our products motivate  creative ideas and new, non-standard technological solutions
– Our products increase the quality and quantity of  products
– each project is a new solution for the development of the domestic economy
By purchasing a product or equipment from Bizart, you invest into healthy future of ours country, and development of own business.

Regards, Ukrainsky S.