Proper lighting for the barn is very important. It allows you to steadily increase milk yield in lactating females and improve the quality of dairy products in general. Also, normal lighting will allow timely detection of diseases and injuries in animals, and prevent injury to employees at night. If you are looking for quality lighting systems for your farm, check out the offer of our online store. We assure you that it will interest you!

How does lighting in the barn affect milk yield?

The LED lighting in the barn encourages the cows to produce more milk. Modern scientific research shows that it also has a positive effect on milk yield, health and fertility in animals.

How long should the daylight hours for cows

The daylight hours of cows should last 16 hours. If it is less, an excess amount of melatonin will begin to be produced, which negatively affects the synthesis of prolactin and insulin, which reduces the productivity of the animal. In this case, the lighting should be sufficiently bright up to 180 lux.

How proper barn lighting affects cows

LED lighting for the barn allows you to increase the productivity of the farm and get big profits even in winter, early spring, late autumn, when milk yields in other farms are greatly reduced. Of course, at the same time it is necessary to adhere to the rules of feeding animals, use high-quality feed, and monitor the health of the livestock. So how does proper barn lighting affect animal health?
  • Young cows and gobies. With increased light intensity, young animals grow and develop faster, and their appetite also increases.
  • Heifers raised in good lighting conditions are much earlier ready to inseminate than those in poorly lit barns.
  • Cows ready to mate. A large amount of intense light increases the sexual heat of animals, which increases the likelihood of fertility and productivity of the animal.
  • Lactating cows. In them, the drug causes an increase in the production of prolactin and insulin, which directly affects milk and its quality.
  • Dry animals. For such cows, a long rest period is important, so the optimal daylight hours for them lasts no more than 8 hours. It is advisable to return them to the light barn after calving.
  • Why does long daylight hours increase milk yield?

    In most mammals, the amount of light has a direct effect on the pineal gland of the brain. The "light signal" is sent to the hypothalamus, and from there to the pineal gland, where the hormone melatonin is produced. It reaches its peak during the period of darkness. If there is too much melatonin in the animal's body, the cow's performance will decrease. Her appetite deteriorates, the amount of milk yield decreases. Why it happens: - The work of the brain of cows depends on the amount of light and its intensity. - Bright light suppresses excess production of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for sleep. It is important to reduce the level of melatonin in cows, because with its active synthesis, animal husbandry becomes less profitable. The best prevention is to install high-quality lighting in the barns, because artificial light sources will help prevent losses. Important nuances to consider:
  • Air indicators, because depending on the section of the barn, it can be wet or dry.
  • Room zones. Bright light is important for the feeding area and lying box, where the animal spends much more time.
  • Lamps arrangement. We recommend using a linear arrangement of the LEDs with the lamps along the length of the barn.
  • Also, we do not advise you to forget about the organization of emergency lighting. Therefore, install a separate panel for powering the lamps in the evacuation passages.

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