News from TD “Bizart” – protected amino acids and choline protected

News from TD “Bizart” – protected amino acids and choline protected

Our cows are in our cows, our cows have our need, our cows have our food, our cows have our clothes, in our cows our victory.

Zend – Avesta, the sacred book of ancient Persians


LLC “Trading House” Bizaret “in its work aims at long-term cooperation with livestock companies and farms of Ukraine, therefore works only with proven producers. The assortment of products consists of substitutes of whole milk for cattle and cattle, protected fats, protected lysine, protected methionine, protected choline chloride, premixes and mixed fodder, equipment for feeding calves, storing colostrum, veterinary preparations for all kinds of animals and poultry.


Of the latest innovations presented in the market of Ukraine from the TD “Bizart” are protected amino acids and vitamin-like substances – protected choline.


It is well known that the high productivity of cows depends on the quality of feeding. Among the essential nutrients in the diet of dairy cattle protein is one of the main places. Synthesis of microbial protein can provide only 40-50% of the needs of high-yielding cows, and the rest should be fed with food, provided that proteins are protected from decomposition in the prehistoric cavity. In this case, not only the total protein content is important, but its quality is the amino acid composition of the proteins. Of the 22 amino acids necessary for the vital functions of an animal organism, only half of them are synthesized in sufficient quantities. These amino acids are considered to be substitutable.


Other amino acids which are not synthesized in the animal’s organism are considered irreplaceable, their animal gets from the diet. A deficiency of one or more amino acids limits the biosynthesis of proteins, which leads to a disturbance of nitrogen exchange. Of the essential amino acids, critical amino acids – lysine and methionine – are of paramount importance.


Lysine – part of almost all proteins, helps to absorb calcium, phosphorus, iron, participates in the process of transforming carotene into retinol, affects the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow, the activity of enzymes, participates in the synthesis of milk protein – casein.


Lysine is contained in the product of Rumasser from the TD “Bizart” – is protected from scraping by scanning technology of multilayer coating of l-lysine in the form of microencapsulated granules.


Methionine is equally important – a sulfur-free amino acid, is involved in the synthesis of virtually all tissue proteins, vitamins, enzymes, affects the synthesis of hemoglobin, adrenaline, ciancobalamin, creatine, promotes the secretion of progesterone. And in the absence of sufficient quantities of choline, it participates in the synthesis of phosphotyldilholin, which is required for the formation of very low density lipoproteins, thus providing prevention of fatty degeneration of the liver.


In the Biztarte company, methionine presented in the Pro-Met product is a special product that has a scraping-resistant coating technology of dl-methionine in the form of microencapsulated granules.


Bizard also introduces to the market of Ukraine the product Li-Met – protected from scraping by scanning technology of multilayer coating l-lysine and dl-methionine in the form of microcapsules granules. The advantage of Lee-Meta is that two amino acids come in the body at once. Why is this so important? The fact is that it is precisely from methionine and lysine that together L-carnitine is synthesized. This substance is involved in the b-oxidation of fatty acids, namely – carries long chain liquid carriers through the walls of mitochondria. The question arises: is it not easier to use just synthetic L-carnitine? Simpler, however, firstly, he degrades in the rumen, and secondly, does not cover the need for lysine and methionine.


Particular attention should be paid to the vitamin-like substance choline (B4). In high-yield dairy cows, there is a constant deficiency of choline, and its feeding contributes to the increase of metabolism, productivity and animal health. The presence of choline in the main feed can not provide its positive balance, since a significant amount of choline is excreted in milk. Choline in an unprotected form, as well as in feeding fodders rich in choline, can only slightly increase its flow in the duodenum and in the liver of high-yielding cows. Therefore, the best option is to feed the animals with protected choline.


Trading house “Bizart” represents choline in a product of Stah-Hol, protected from splitting in a scrap by technology of multilayer coating of choline chloride in the form of microcapsules granules with a content of pure choline 75%.


It should be noted that the protected amino acids and choline – the products are presented in the company Bizarte – produced by Bioscreen Technologies (Italy), which is based on innovative processes and technology of fermentation, microcapsulation, which is constantly supported by research at universities in Italy and international institutes.


Summarizing all the above, I would like to emphasize once again that the TD “Bizaret” company offers not only high-quality and modern products, but also introduces technology and culture of animal production.


We are confident that protecting animals increases productivity.