ColoQuick – equipment for colostrum management

ColoQuick – equipment for colostrum management
BAG Is specificly designed for this purpose. The bag contains 4 liters of colostrum. It is designed so that the bag surface is as large as possible, and still the bag is very handy. This maximizes heat exchange from warm water to the frozen colostrum. And likewise, the freshly harvested colostrum can be cooled very quickly. Colostrum bags are disposable.
THE CARTRIDGE Controls the colostrum bag all the way from filling the bag, via the colostrum bank, until feeding the calf. The holes and the structure inside the cartridge ensures maximum flow of warm water across the surface of the colostrum bag, when the cartridge is placed in the water bath. Identify each cartridge with date, quality etc. on the writing plate.
THE WATER BATH When a calf is born, go to the colostrum bank and take a cartridge and a bag and put it in the holder in the warm water in the water bath. Close the lid and press the start button. Constant rotation of the cartridge and colostrum bag in the warm water brings the temperature from the deep freeze to drinking temperature in an extremely quick and gentle process.
THE FILLLING RACK Makes it easy, fast and hygienically to fill the harvested colostrum into the colostrum bag.
COLOSTROMETER Check the quality of the colostrum when the colostrum is in the funnel of the filling rack. Give the best quality colostrum to the new born calves.
ESOPHAGEAL FEEDER OR TEAT When colostrum is heated and ready for the calf – put on either the esophageal tube or the nipple to the colostrum bag, which remains in the cartridge.
STRAP A shoulder strap on the cartridge makes it easy to handle the cartridge. Alternatively you can place the cartridge on the railings and have both hands ready to assist the calf.
COLOSTRUM BANK Coloquick concept is based on the establishment of a colostrum bank in a freezer or a refrigerator. But of course the system is also suitable if you choose to give the newborn calf colostrum immediately after harvesting the colostrum.