Requirements for work with colostrum

Requirements for work with colostrum

Requiprements on colostrum management:

QUALITY – It can be very often when colostrum does not contain enough quantity of antibodies. It is impossible to estimate quality visually. Minimal acceptable level of IgG is 55 grams per liter of colostrum.

QUANTITY – It is necessary to feed calves with maximum big quantity of colostrum – at first feeding – for getting enough quantity of antibodies. A calf that weights 40 kg should get 4 liters of colostrum (2 liters + 2 liters at first 6 hours of life with interval 2-3 hours).

TIME – It is necessary to give colostrum during 15-30 minutes after birth and not later.

TEMPERATURE – Temperature of colostrum should be equal to the temperature of body of a calf (40°С).


BANK OF COLOSTRUM – When you have a bank of colostrum, you are sure that you have enough quantity of colostrum and this colostrum of very high quality.

WATER BATH – Thanks to the system ColoQuick, freezed colostrum is heating very quickly and at correct temperature, that is why calves are getting colostrum without any delays and this colostrum is of high quality.