White & Red Light – LED Light CMP Lighting Technologies

White & Red Light – LED Light CMP Lighting Technologies

Cmp impianti (Italia)

Title: White & red light – LED Light CMP Lighting Technologies

CIE luminaire classification: 100

CIE stream code: 70-96-99-100

Color: white & red

Moisture protection: IP 66

Color temperature: 4000 K

Power, three options:

  1. 70 kW
  2. 100 kW
  3. 150 kW

  • smart lighting – using light sensors, the computer adjusts the light in each zone individually,
  • self-tuning capability Plug & Play,
  • Cloud connectivity (Smart Cloud)
  • the ability to remotely control and monitor from anywhere using Wi Fi,
  • possibility of complex control (lighting + ventilation + cooling),
  • adjustable dimming from 0-10V (fine tuning),
  • the number of control zones is unlimited,
  • graphical interface of the control unit,
  • CMP impianti S.r.l. developed and patented the MODBUS Comunication technology protokol — the ability to control each individual light element.

lighting scheme

Range of LED pendant lights for indoor and outdoor use, including:

  • Die-cast aluminum with polyester powder coating;
  • Diffuser with built-in grille for UV protection, heat protection stabilized transparent technopolymer;
  • High transparency polycarbonate lenses for better light transmission;
  • Optics software with UGR22;
  • High elasticity anti-aging silicone pad;
  • Technopolymer cable compartment cover;
  • Electrical connection with amD plug for outdoor use; socket for quick connection (IP66) complete with cable, allowing you to connect to the network without opening the luminaire. Made of PA66 with silver plated brass contacts, for cables Ø 9 mm – 12 mm;
  • Light beam obtained by combining several LED modules;
  • Galvanized steel hanging hooks;
  • External stainless steel screws;

How dairy cows react to light

  • Light or darkness that enters the eyes stimulates a gland in the brain called the Pineal Gland;
  • The pineal gland is a kind of internal clock;
  • Sensitive to length and light intensity;
  • The pineal gland regulates the secretion of melatonin
  • Melatonin regulates the sleep / wake cycle and affects the immune system, reproductive system and lactation

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