Rumen Booster
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Rumen Booster

Inform nutrition
Rumen Booster – stimulator to restore the function of the rumen and prevent ketosis. Pharmaceutical (dosage) form Bulk, water insoluble, creamy beige powder, with anise aroma, contains methionine granules. Pharmachologic effect Rumen Booster is an additive in powder form, specially designed to restore the functions of the scar. The additive is useful as a stimulant, promotes the rapid reproduction of beneficial microflora of the scar, which is necessary for normal digestion in the rumen. Rumen Booster provides yeast, vitamins and trace elements, promotes the growth of rumen bacteria. Dosage and administration of animals of different ages Adult cattle
  • Feed the contents of one sachet (100 g) mixed with feed twice a day for 4 days
  • If the appetite has decreased, give the content of 2 sachets (200 g) twice a day for 2 days.
Young cattle
  • Dosage supplements as for adult cattle, only give half the amount in each of the above cases.
  • A dose of 15 g in milk daily during the week.
Adult Sheep and Goats
  • 30 g mixed with feed or water twice a day for a week.
Lambs and goatling
  • 2.5 g mixed with milk twice a day for a week
Qualitative and quantitative composition, analytical components Amount
Humidity 4.6 %
Crude protein 20.4 %
Raw ash 11.8 %
Crude Fiber 0.5 %
Raw butter 5.0 %
Sugar 40 %
Retinol Acetate Е 672 400,000 МО/kg
Vitamin C Е 300 30,000 mg/kg
Cholecalciferol Е 671 80,000 МО/kg
A nicotinic acid 50,000 mg/kg
α-tocopherol 20,000 mg/kg
Thiamine 10,000 mg/kg
Cyanocobalamin 10,000 mg/kg
Methionine 5 %
Cobalt SulfateЕ3 471mg/kg
Glucose до 100 % – (about 24,2 %)
Lactose 38 %
Yeast 6,66 %
Calcium Propionate 15 %
Special storage measures The product is stored in a dry place protected from direct sunlight at a temperature of 25ºC in the original packaging. Do not freeze. Keep out of the reach of children. Nature and composition of the primary packaging container Sachet foil.
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