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Inform nutrition
Milkshake – an additive for the growth of calves when fed with milk in the first 12 weeks of life. Pharmaceutical form Powder light yellow. Pharmacological action Milkshejk – a supplement for calves, which is well balanced for vitamin and mineral composition to support the growth and health of calves in the milk period. Doses and methods for administering animals of all ages. To obtain dispersion in milk, add 500 ml of water to 4,5 l of milk. These measures should prevent milk congestion. Dosage supplement: dissolve 15 g in 4.5 liters of milk (15 g = 1 scoop). The scoop is added to the bucket in the kit.
Analitics components quantity
Humidity 2 %
Raw protein 1,5 %
Crude ash 3 %
Crude fiber 1 %
Crude oil and fat 1 %
Sugar 70 %
Vitamin С (Ascorbic acid) Е 300 20,000 mg/kg
Vitamin Е (α-tocopherol) 5,300 mg/kg
Е 672 Vitamin А 600,000 МО/kg
Е 671 Vitamin D3 120,000 MO/kg
Vitamin В1 (Tiamin) 660 mg/kg
Vitamin В2 (Ribofalin) 1,520 mg/kg
Vitamin В6 160 mg/kg
Vitamin В12 (Cyanocobalamin) 1,200 mg/kg
Vitamin К Nicotinic acid Pantothenic acid Folic acid 66 mg/kg 320 mg/kg 1,200 mg/kg 32 mg/kg
Biotin 6,000 mkg/kg
Е4 Copper (Copper sulfate is pentahydrate) Е4 Copper (Chelates glycine hydrate) 500 mg/kg 500 mg/kg
Е2 Iodine (PotassiumIodine) 300 mg/kg
Е3 Cobalt (Cobalt sulfate) Е5 Manganese (Manganese sulfate) Е6 Zinc (Zinc sulphate) Е6 Zinc Е1 Iron (Sulfate of iron) Е8 Selenium (Selenite sodium) Glucose Cell walls of yeast 99 mg/kg 1,300 mg/kg 2,100 mg/kg 500 mg/kg 2,000 mg/kg 35 mg/kg до 100 % 2 %
Special storage measures The product is stored in dry, protected from direct sunlight at room temperature from 5 to 28 ºC in the original package. Do not freeze. Keep out of the reach of children.
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