Milk Taxi for calves with pasteuriser

Milk Taxi for calves with pasteuriser


Milk Taxi is designed for preparaing and dosing calves milk diet. Its drenching equiment also allows drenching cows.

Tank volume – 100 liters, 150 liters, 260 liters.

The equipment can be supplied with optional extras:

– Battery-powered pump and dosing/dispensing arm

– EL-AN electrical drive

– Dosing/dispensing unit with remote control

– Programmable heating/cooling

– Cow drenching equipment

– Support frame for milk churn transport

– Integrated pasteuriser

Milk Taxi is based on 4 tyres that is why it is stable and reliable while transporting milk diet on the territory of farm.

How it works:

– The milk diet is mixed and warmed to drinking temperature.

– The practical chassis enables easy milk transport to the calf pens.

– The battery-powered pump ensures accurately doses quantities in the buckets.

– A pasteurization unit is instrumental in providing a whole milk diet without any disease risk.

– The numorous and varied options, such as warm watered-fired heater, milk churn support, and drenching equipment, meet all your needs.

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