Levusell SC 10ME

Levusell SC 10ME


Levusell SC is designed to improve cicatricial digestion, digestibility of nutrients and increase the productivity of ruminants.

COMPOSITION: Active dry yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM-1077 not less than 1х109 CFU / g), microencapsulated (coated with a protective coat of fatty acids), filler – limestone grits.

FORM OF ISSUE: Levusell SC is a micro granular powder of beige color, insoluble in water.


BIOLOGICAL PROPERTIES: Levusell SC increases productivity and strengthens the health of cattle, sheep and goats. Active live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM-1077 stimulates the growth of useful microflora in the rumen digesting cellulose and splits lactic acid, normalizes the pH of the rumen, reducing the risk of acidosis, especially with a concentrated type of feeding. Levusell SC improves cicatricial digestion, increasing the efficiency of using plant food for ration, which contributes to the increase in the productivity of ruminants and the quality of products.

Thanks to the protective shell yeast Levusell SC is resistant to long-term storage in the composition of mixed fodders and premixes.


APPLICATION: Levusell SC is introduced into the ration of ruminants, using existing mixing technologies, ensuring a uniform distribution:


Dairy cows 1 gram per head per day or 40 – 200 g / t feed
Cattle fattening 0,8 gram per head per day or 50 – 300 g / t feed
Calves 0,4 gram per head per day or 50 – 300 g / t feed
Sheep, goats 0,4 gram per head per day or 50 – 300 g / t feed
Horses 2 gram per head per day or 300 g / t feed


SAFETY: Adverse events and complications in the application of Levusell SC in the recommended dosages are not revealed. Contraindications are not established. Levusell SC is compatible with all the ingredients of the feed, acidulants, medicines and other fodder additives. Restrictions on the use of livestock products after the application of fodder additive are not present.

THERMOSTABILITY: Levusell SC is highly technological, has excellent miscibility and withstands granulation without loss of quality.


PACKAGING: kraft bags of 20 kg.



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