Pharmaceutical (dosage) form

Herba Dry – an organic product (drug), a feed additive in liquid form for the introduction of SEC in the dry period.

Doses and methods of administration

1 250 ml after the final milking of cows (orally directly into the mouth of the cow).

HerbaDray is recommended for productive cows when they are introduced during the dry period.

HerbaDray bottle with a dosage of 250 ml is used internally with or without a sprayer after the final milking of a cow.

 Pharmachologic effect

Supports the beginning of lactation

Best udder protection

Accelerates input during the dry period

 Qualitative and quantitative composition

Sorbitol                              0.50%

Propylene glycol              0.50%

Citric acid                          1%

Parsley                               8000ml / l

Rosemary officinalis

Essential oil                     1000 mg / l


Special events and storage

Keep product closed when not in use. Protect from freezing. Store at a temperature not higher than 35 degrees.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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