Intra Bath

Intra Bath


One of the biggest problems on farms is the health of hoofed animals. Bath for hoof is quickly polluted by manure. The cows that pass through the latter go through a contaminated tub for hoof.


Intra Bath will solve this problem !! 60% of the pus comes through the lattice, which is located in the middle,

The Intra Bath is much more effective than the traditional hoof bath.


Most dairy farmers use a hoofed bath to avoid hoof problems as far as possible. However, overall success depends on many factors:

  1. How clean the hooves are before entering the tub for hoof?
  2. Which product is used in the bath to treat the hoof?
  3. How serious is the infection spread in the herd?


In the past few decades, discoveries have been made about the style and functionality of baths for hoofs. And while using traditional baths for hoofs is better than not using them altogether, but these baths still have many drawbacks:

  1. Difficulty in using.
  2. Rapidly contaminated with manure.
  3. Dangerous for the environment.
  4. Used a lot of solution.


With the introduction of Intra Vannes, these issues will become problems of the past !!

Intracare has developed with Intra Baths, Farmers, Cleansers. Inside, the bath consists of three parts: two synthetic baths and a metal grill. These three parts can be easily assembled.


Compared with traditional bathtubs, Intra Bath has the following benefits:

  1. Less contamination – 60% of manure fails through the lattice, without getting into the bath.
  2. Effective – inside the bath has 35% less solution than the traditional bath.
  3. Easy to use and safe for the environment.

Grill Intra Baths are made of 100% stainless steel, and therefore very stable.

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