Eurolac green
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Eurolac green

Eurolac is a milk replacer for calves 3-7 days of life. Dairy products are the basis of Eurolacs (sweet whey and delactated whey, anhydrate of lactose, whey protein concentrate). Eurolac contains all the necessary macro- and microelements, vitamins and amino acids. The main difference between this milk replacer from other milk replacers is the absence of antibiotics. Due to Schils Protection Plus System the risk of calves bing sick is very low. This system is based on three components:
  • * First, due to the use of oligosaccharides, the risk of infection through the calf manure is reduced, oligosaccharides significantly reduce fecal coliform bacteria;
  • * Secondly, the use of natural lactic acid increases the bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect, lactic acid inhibits pathogens and promotes non-pathogenic microflora;
  • * Third, Schils Protection Plus stimulates the protective system of the body, forming a non-specific immunity. Ingredients:
Dairy products – 95% Protein – 20% Fat – 15% Humidity – 5% Fibre – 0,05% Ash – 8,5% Lactose – 47% Са – 0,7% Р – 0,6% Lysine – 1,5% Vitamins
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