Destratifiers Vertigo

Destratifiers Vertigo

Cmp impianti (Italia)

Vertigo is the evolution of the Zefiro line, presented in the summer of 2015 to bring the benefits of ventila-
tion to all buildings which, for reasons of reduced height, cannot accommodate traditional horizontal fans.


Its special shape makes it flexible, allowing it to work horizontally or to be tilted as required, from 0° to
90°: the aim is to optimize the airflow even in the most complex situations.

The high output, efficiency, low power consumption and reduced maintenance derive directly from the
Zefiro line. Due to the particular flexibility of installation in complex conditions, the machine can also be
assembled with front and rear protection mesh to ensure total operating safety.


Vertigo is perfect in all situations, but it is in waiting areas that it expresses its utmost potential: here
animals are concentrated in a small area, where heat and the resulting stress can reach very high levels,
certainly detrimental for overall animal welfare.

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