Bath solution INTRA Clean & Control
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Bath solution INTRA Clean & Control


INTRA Clean & Control

– improves hoof hygiene, leading to improved animal welfare and reduced use of antibiotics. ____________________________________________________________________ KILLS ALL DISEASES AND SAFE FOR THE FARMER INTRA Clean & Control – Intra Clean&Control is a footbath disinfectant for dairy cattle which is used at a 5% concentration. Composed of a broad spectrum of active ingredients, each with its own mechanism of action, Intra Clean&Control improves the hygienic condition of the hooves. Amongst others, it is very effective against the treponema bacteria, which are the causative agent of many hoof infections. Routinely disinfecting the hooves, will lead to better claw health on the long term! Regular hoof disinfection will improve hoof health in the long term! Product specifications Intra Clean&Control is a disinfectant for optimal claw hygiene Intra Clean&Control is available in 20 L. Please note that Intra Clean&Control is classified as UN1903. Protocol & Usage. For whole herd treatment:Use a concentration of 5% (5 litres in 100 litres of tap water). It is recommended to change the hoof bath solution every 250 cows that walk through. Use the product for 2 days every 2 weeks, 2 times a day. 5 REASONS TO CHOOSE INTRA CLEAN&CONTROL 1) Toxicologically approved by Dutch authorities. 2) Synergetic combination of 5 active ingredients. 3) Deep Cleaning Technology inside. 4) Remains effective in dirty farm conditions. 5) Formaldehyde free. ____________________________________________________________________ FAQ’s. What is the shelf life of Intra Clean&Control? – 2 years. ____________________________________________________________________ Should I dilute Intra Clean&Control before use? -Yes, make a 5% dilution. ____________________________________________________________________ After how many passages should I Refresh the footbath solution? – After approximately 250 passages. ____________________________________________________________________ What is the freezing point of Intra Clean&Control? – The freezing point is -6 degrees. In case the product has been frozen and is thawed, it’s quality remains unaffected. ____________________________________________________________________ Is Intra Clean&Control classified as carcinogenic?? – No, unlike Formalin, the components of Intra Clean&Control are not classified as carcinogenic. ____________________________________________________________________ Can I mix Intra Clean&Control with other products? – No, we do not advise this. ____________________________________________________________________ You may be interested in our other products for hoof health ____________________________________________________________________ If you need advice, fill out the feedback form and we will contact you.
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