Film 45µm (lining)

Film 45µm (lining)


SealPlus 45μm beige is a very light EVOH oxygen barrier multilayer film, highly resistant, easy to install, perfectly adhering to the silage surface for a full protection of your silage.

Sealplus 45μm beige is 100 times more impermeable to the oxygen compared a conventional PE film.

The 45μm Sealplus oxygen barrier film beige colour must be protected with Silosat closed net 200μm from the sun rays, birds or atmospheric accidents. Silosat closed net 213 gr can guarantee a perfect protection from sun UV rays and from mechanical and atmospheric accidents. 5 years warranty.

Particularly suitable for

This products combination is suitable for farmers usual to apply transparent film on silage and cover it with normal PE or net to avoid birds or mechanical accidents.


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