Milk Taxi

Milk Taxi
“Milk Shuttle”. Reduce the cost of raising calves. It takes at least two years for the heifer to return the money that was spent on her and began to generate income. Therefore, you need to use all the potential methods to reduce costs in the growing stage. Do you want to know how “Milk Shuttle” will help you save money and make you a more successful host? The following information will give you an answer to this question! Invest in the Successful Future “Milk Shuttle” is your partner, which will help to make a solid foundation for future production of your animals. Factors such as pasteurization, optimum temperature control, precise dosage of the amount – all this will help optimize the feeding process and achieve high production rates in the future. “Milk Shuttle” is your friend for many years. If you are feeding twice a day, you will use the “Milk Shuttle” more than 7,200 times in a 10-year depreciation period. Depending on the size and selected additional equipment functions, investing in “Milk Shuttle” is about 12-14 UAH per feeding! Decide for yourself, are you willing to invest $ 14 in light business days, your health, saved time? High-quality products are characterized by their service life and low depreciation costs over a long period of time. Of course, it’s all about your Milk Shuttle, your daily calf catcher. Reduce energy costs by using the hot water function If you want to reduce energy costs and if you have a lot of hot water, then the option of hot water heating will help you reduce energy supply, thus saving valuable money without spending money on heating the milk. Feed correctly, avoid excessive consumption The function of the “Milk Shuttle” is to control quantity, helps to feed each calf individually and avoid unbalanced rations between feeding; it’s like automatic feeding! When you are preparing a diet, you already know how much milk you need and you do not exceed the required amount. This is the same as keeping milk or milk replacer, and it will very well be reflected in the financial balance of your company. Get better calorie production Calves, which are constantly fed with the correct amount of milk formula, a mixture of the right temperature and high quality (pasteurization function), less susceptible to future diseases, grow faster, and show a more stable and high average daily gain1. Cases of diarrhea will cost you about 265 euros / head. In addition, a 10% reduction in milk production due to different cases at the growing stage will cost up to 550 euro2! 1 Jamaluddin, A.A. et al., JAVMA 209: 751-6 (1996): Minnesota Field Study, Dec. 2001 to Aug.2002; Godden S.M. et al., JAVMA 226: no. 9 (2005) 2 Luhrmann (2009), Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony

Expenses for illness depending on distribution (75 calves grown per year)

45 sick calves, severe illnesses1

7 151 euros

30 sick calves, middle diseases

4 353 euros

19 sick calves, non-severe diseases

2 420 euros

11 sick calves, non-severe diseases4

1 452 euros

(Source: Luhrmann (2009), Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony).