RUMASTER rumen protected lysin

RUMASTER rumen protected lysin

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COMPOSITION 100 grams contain:

Active ingredient: l-Lysine HCl 40 grams By-pass in situ (8 hours ruminal incubation in nylon bag) not less of 75%.


Rumaster is a specialty containing rumen-protected lysine in the form of microencapsulated granules. Lysine, together with methionine, is quantitatively the first essential amino acids in lactating ruminants.

Administration of Rumaster is effective on:

– Protein in milk

– Fertility

– Feed efficiency

– Cost of the ration


Rumaster is used in diets with an absolute or relative (methionine) deficiency of lysine, in low density soy concentration ration. Moreover it is employed to balance the amino acid profile of the plant fraction (by-pass) of the metabolizable protein.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE Industry: Dairy cows: 10-50 grams/head/per day 100-500 grams in 100 kg of feed (considering an average dose of 10 kg of feed/head/per day)

Sheeps/Goats: 5-10 g/head/per day Farms (farm pack):

Dairy cows: 40-200 grams/head/per day Sheeps/Goats: 20-40 grams/head/per day

CONSERVATION Keep away from humidity and direct heat sources.

PACKAGING kg 25 carton

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