Pro-Met rumen protected methyonin

Pro-Met rumen protected methyonin

Bio screen

COMPOSITION 100 grams contain:

Active ingredient: dl-Methionine 60 grams By-pass in situ (8 hours ruminal incubation in nylon bag) not less of 75%.

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Pro-Met is a specialty containing rumen-protected methionine in the form of microencapsulated granules.

Methionine, together with lysine, is an active ingredient clearly recognized as one of the essential amino acids in lactating ruminants.

It is involved in the donation of methyl groups and synthesis of cysteine and carnitine through trans-sulfuration process; in the synthesis of lecithin, phosphatidylcholine and others phospholipids.

Pro-Met application affects:

– Protein in milk

– Ability to play

– Efficiency of feed

– Functionality of the liver



Industry: Dairy cows: 10-40 grams/head/per day 100-400 grams in 100 kg of feed (considering an average dose of 10 kg of feed/head/per day)

Farms (farm pack): Dairy cows: 60-240 grams/head/per day



Store in a dry place, without direct sunlight.

PACKAGING kg 25 carton

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