Mineral additive for dry cows Sweetlics Precalver

Mineral additive for dry cows Sweetlics Precalver

Inform nutrition

Name Svitlix Prekalwer

Form of issue

Lizunets (solid block of fodder additive brown) for oral use with strong odor and taste of molasses.

Pharmacological properties

The feed additive contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which contribute to the strengthening of immunity cows and the birth of healthy calves.

Animal species Dairy cows before calving (12 weeks before calving).

Indications for use Vitamin-mineral fodder supplement

Svitlix Prekalver contributes to:

– The birth of healthy calves;

– Increased quality of colostrum for calves;

– Reducing the problems associated with the quality;

– Reducing the level of metabolic disorders during pregnancy, especially in clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia;

– Ensuring a sufficient basic level of microelements in the body of the cow;

– Maintaining a high milk yield after calving and increasing fertility.

Doses and methods of administration to animals of different ages The feed additive is administered orally at a dose not exceeding 125 g per animal per day, equivalent to 1 block per 10 cows per day for 16 days. A feed additive is recommended to be used from 12 weeks before calving.


1 kg of feed supplement contains
Vitamin E (Alpha-tocopherol)              500 mg
Vitamin D3 (Е671)              75 000 МО
Vitamin А (Е672)              250 000 МО
Biotin              200 mg
Vitamin B12              1 000 μg
Zinc oxide Е6              6 944 mg
copper sulfate pentahydrate Е4              12 000 mg
Cobalt monohydrate Е3              323 mg
Manganese oxide Е5              3 225 mg
Anhydrous calcium iodate Е2              806 mg
selenite sodium Е8              105 mg
strawberry molasses              38%
magnesium oxide              18,5%
sodium chloride              21,65 %
sodium chloride              0,45%
magnesium phosphate              21,4%


Special Precautions Svitlix Prekalver contains a significant amount of copper and is intended for use only by cattle, do not use sheep. Due to the significant content of selenium, the fodder additive is recommended to be used carefully in areas with a high level of selenium.

Shelf life is 18 months. Shelf life after autopsy: within one month.

Nature and composition of the primary packaging container A plastic bucket with a lid of 20 kg and 80 kg.

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