LY-MET rumen protected lysin and methyonin

LY-MET rumen protected lysin and methyonin

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COMPOSITION 100 grams contains:

Active ingredients: l-Lysine HCL mg 32.800 dl-Methionine mg 10.800 By-pass in situ (8 hours of ruminal incubation in nylon bag) not less of 75%.


Ly-Met is a specialty containing rumen-protected lysine and methionine in form of microencapsulated granules.

Lysine and methionine are nutrients well known as the main essential amino acids for dairy cows. The two amino acids are provided inside the product in their optimal balance of 3:1. Moreover methionine is involved in the donation of methyl groups and in the synthesis of cysteine and carnitine through the trans-sulfuration process; in the synthesis of lecithin, phosphatydilcholine and others phospholipids.

Administration of Ly-Met is effective on:

– Milk protein

– Fertility

– Feed efficiency

– Liver function

INDICATION In case of reduced concentration of protein and casein in milk, low liver functionality and decrease in fertility.

RECCOMENDED DOSAGE Dairy cows: 50-150 grams/head/day

CONSERVATION Keep away from humidity and direct heat sources.

PACKAGING kg 25 carton

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