Lalsil Fresh HC
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Lalsil Fresh HC

Name Lalsil Fresh HC Composition 1 g of additive contains lyophilized cells of Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788 (1K20739) not less than 3 x 1011 CFU. Fillers: sucrose, sodium aluminosilicate (2%). Form release – Powder. Pharmacological properties Lactobacillus buchneri are heterofermentative bacteria that, when processing silage, improve the aerobic stability of fresh forage, suppress the reproduction and growth of yeast and mold fungi. The processing of fresh forage with a silage additive allows for a longer preservation of the taste of the food and protects it from overheating. Clinical Features Animal species – Farm animals. Indications for use Lalsil Fresh HC is used in silage for increasing aerobic forage stability. Interaction with other means and other forms of interaction Do not mix the additive with bactericidal or bacteriostatic products. Doses and methods of administration to animals of different ages Lalsil Fresh HC is applied per 1 g of additive per 1 ton of fresh forage. Method of use: 50 g of powder diluted in 0.25 liters or 200 g of powder diluted in 1 liter of clean water at room temperature. Dissolved powder add up to 0.50 liters or 2 liters of water at room temperature, respectively. The concentration of the solution for use may vary depending on the properties of the silo mass. Apply by spraying, using an atomizer (sprayer), in the calculation of 0.01 liters per ton of forage. Silage additive Lalsil Fresh HC is not toxic and safe for humans, animals, the environment. When working with an additive, personal protective equipment is recommended: rubber gloves and respirators. Do not use silage additive with any bactericidal agents or bacteriostatics.
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