Automatic feeder

Automatic feeder

Servicing of the machine HL 100 calves

1. Checking the equipment operation.

– Testing the equipment by testing the ports,

– Elimination of detected malfunctions and failures in equipment operation

– Analysis, detection and elimination of the causes of failures.

2. Calibration:

– Calibration of products of casting.

– Calibration of MCC *.

– Calibration of whole milk *

– Calibration of cold water supply.

– Calibration of hot water supply.

3. Remarks at the end of the calibration.

4. Power supply and automation system:

– Review, checking for no damage, checking the performance,

if necessary, replacement:

· Electrical wiring

· External sensors.

5. Pipeline system:

– Review, status check, performance check, if necessary, replacement:

· Tubes in the rotary pump of the casting station,

· Hoses from the machine to the stations

· Submersible hoses for valves.

6. Valve system:

– Review, checking, checking, cleaning, if necessary

replacement valve (or repair kit):

· All valves on the machine itself and at stations.

7. Control of the operation of the pump of the detergent supply, checking the efficiency, replacement if necessary:

· Supply hoses,

· Check availability and addition (if necessary) to the required level.

8. Edit the casting program.

9. Verification of equipment operation in working mode.

10. Conducting an interview with the staff for the revealed mistakes.

* – If there is an option