IntraDermasol spray

IntraDermasol spray is an emergency aid for the first signs of skin disease for all types of domestic animals and horses.

: Intracare


The uniqueness of this product is:

1. The spray does not contain antibiotics! so it's completely safe for both animals and people.

2. Recommended for frequent use, as it does not cause bacterial resistance.

3. Active substances: minerals (copper and zinc) in chelate (organic) form, which, unlike traditional (inorganic) minerals, can be easily absorbed by the skin and provide a powerful bactericidal and regenerative effect.

4. Micronized product (particle size is 3 μm, which is 25,000 times less than grains), which increases the healing rate.

5. It has a compact structure and does not spill over the surface.

6. Provides good, long-lasting contact with the skin and creates a translucent, permeable to oxygen, a film that removes irritation, prevents peeling, protects against mechanical and external influences.

7. Does not have a pronounced color.


Additional product benefits:

1. The IntraDermasol spray is 1.8 times more effective than the antibiotic (according to Utrecht University and Animal Health Service Deventer).

2. Fast noticeable result.

3. Excellent spray even in an inverted position.


Technical Information on IntraDermasol Spray:

1. The release form is a spray.

2. The vial is 100 ml.