STA-CHOL rumen protected choline chloride

Rumen-protected choline chloride MLC technology

: Bioscreen Technologies



100 grams contain:

Active ingredient: Choline chloride grams 50

By-pass in situ (8 hours ruminal incubation in nylon bag) not less of 75%.


Sta-Chol is a specialty containing rumen-protected choline chloride in the form of microencapsulated granules.

Choline Chloride is an active ingredient with an adjuvant action on the prevention and treatment of hepatic lipidosis. It acts as a liver protector through the reintegration of the methyl groups utilized in the phase of export of tryglicerides from liver cells. Its high ruminal degradation limits the level of absorption in respect of the real requirement of the dairy cow.

Admistration of Sta-Chol is effective on:

- Hepatic lipidosis

- Post-calving state of health

- Production and quality of milk

- Ingestion

- Fertility


Ruminants: Adjuvant on prevention and therapy of hepatic lipidosis and ketosis.

The active principle is effective if accompanied by a proper management and a balanced diet.



Dairy cows: 20-50 grams/head/per day

200-500 grams in 100 kg of feed (considering an average dose of 10 kg of feed/head/per day)

Sheeps/Goats: 5-10 grams/head/per day

Farms (farm pack):

Dairy cows: 100-250 grams/head/per day

Sheeps/Goats: 25-50 grams/head/per day


- kg 10 bags

- kg 25 cartons