Automatic feeder for calves

Automatic feeder for calves.

: Holm&Laue


Automatic Cald Feeder


- Improved quality of life for yourself

- Healthy calves reared in groups

- Reduced costs, improved returns

- Safety and reliability

How it works:

- The calf is identified electronically.

- The milk diet is freshly prepared and pumped to the teat in a matter of seconds.

- The tubing to the teat is rinsed after every visit, plus an automatic wash cycle is run twice a day.

- An anti-pirate valve prevents others from stealing a calf's milk ration, so every single calf gets the quantity of milk it needs.

- An added second mixer bowl allows simultaneous feeding of two calves.

Technical specifications:

Power supply and heating performance - 400V 16A (5 kW) or 230V 16A (3 kW)

Capacity with 4 feeder stalls - up to 100 calves

Identification system - ISO half-duplex ID

Milk replacer powder hopper - 90 liters, 50 kg

Heater capacity - 12 liters

Dimensions (W x L x H)

Calf feeder dimensions - 0.6 x 0.7 x 1.21 m

Space needed for HL100 - 1 x 1 m

Rim of hopper for refill - 1.12 m

Feeder stall dimensions - 0.4 x 1.25 x 1.02 m

Space needed for feeder stall - 0.45 x 1.5 m