Intra Bath

The smartest foot bath for the modern dairy farmer

: Intracare


The Intra Bath will solve this problem!! 60% of the manure falls through the middle grill, therefore, the Intra Bath is much more effective than a traditional foot bath.

Most dairy farmers use a foot bath to prevent hoof problems as much as possible. However, the overall success of the footbath varies and is largely dependent on many factors:

  • How clean are the hooves before entering the foot bath?
  • Which product is being used in the foot bath to treat the hooves?
  • How serious is the infection rate throughout the herd?

In the last few decades, few developments regarding the principle style and functionality of a foot bath have come forth. And while the use of a traditional foot bath is better than not using one at all, there are still many disadvantages with these type of baths:

  • Hard to handle
  • Pollution in the bath
  • Unkind for the environment
  • Expensive to maintain

With the introduction of the Intra Bath, these issues will become problems of the past!!
Intracare has developed the Intra Bath together with dairy farmers, hoof trimmers, and veterinarians. It has many advantages. The Intra Bath consists of three parts: two synthetic baths and a metal grill. The three parts are easy to assemble. Compared to traditional baths, the Intra Bath has the following


  • Less pollution- 60% of the manure falls through the middle grill and not into the bath.
  • More cost effective- Intra Bath has 35% less capacity compared to a traditional bath. More cows can be treated, using less product.
  • Easy to handle and environmental friendly

The grill of the Intra Bath version is nevertheless made from 100% stainless steel, and therefore very sustainable.