Mineral additive Sweetlics Fertility Booster

Mineral additive Sweetlics Fertility Booster in buckets at 20 kg. For cows after calving. For Fertility and health.

: Inform Nutrition


Bucket with mineral supplements Sweetlics is a convenient solution for the minerals, vitamins and trace elements in cattle.


1) Licks Sweetlics Fertility are a concentrated source of nutrients and minerals.

2) Provides the basic minerals, trace elements, vitamins and biostimulants - alginates from seaweed in form of chelate.

3) It can be given as to the pasture and in the paddock.

4) Good palatability by animals.

5) Weatherproof product.


Constant supply of vitamins and minerals cows.

Optimizes health, productivity and fertility of animals.

It is convenient to use.

Labour saving.

Not destroyed by weathering.

High levels of salts of magnesium, copper and iodine have a beneficial effect on the productivity of dairy cows, as well as to their reproductive function.

Consumption: 100-150 grams per head per day. In the first 2 weeks of use - 2 times more.Composition of Sweetlics