Calf Aid - urgent support for immunity of newborn calves

The paste for oral application with microelements, produced specially for calves.

: Inform Nutrition


The paste is for oral application, with microelements, produced specifically for newborn calves with purposes as followed:

- To support forming immune system.

- To prevent accidents of diseases and to reduce cases of diarrhea.

- To improve appetite and proper digestion of a calf.

- To facilitate natural struggle of immunity against Coccidiosis and Cryptosporidiosis, as well as, other diseases.


Antibodies against the causative agents of many diseases: E.coli, Rotavirus, Salmonella, Coronavirus, etc.

C-Guard: a mixture of herbs that promotes the maintenance of the natural intestinal health and immunity

Omega 3: polyunsaturated essential fatty acids from shark liver oil, growth factors and protective properties of the body.

Antioxidants: neutralize free radicals, which cause many diseases.

Vitamins: essential, bioactive substances to the body's growth neohodimosti calves.

Chelated microelements necessary for the growth of the organism trace elements in easily digestible form.

Instructions for use:

Given orally, during a critical period after birth. For calves, squeeze the contents of one syringe on a rear wall of the mouth calf, during the first 12 hours of life.

Repeat, if necessary, for weak calves.

Coccidiosis - use 2 syringes, in 5 days, when a problem is detected, i.e. 21 and 26 days of age. Cryptosporidiosis - one syringe in the 1st day of life, and again one syringe on the 5th day of life.

Storage and packaging:

Packaging: original box with 12-syringe tubes.

Store in a cool place away from sunlight, out of reach of children, at a temperature of 5-23C.

Benefits: Prevent the disease bovine infectious diseases in the first days of life, you save it in the future productivity of up to 20-30% compared to recover from!

For example: If the average milk yield for stage 4 thousand kg of milk per year, from a cow who recover at an early age, we get an average of less than one tonne of milk (25%) compared to animals that animals that didn't have diseases. This low productivity of cows will be over its economic use for 4-5 years! General losses in this case will be from 12 to 20 000 UAH!