Spray Intra Hoof-fit

Cattle farmers, hoof trimmers and veterinarians can now work without antibiotics.

: Intracare


Intracares Hoof-fit line has experienced a strong upward development. The product has recently been awarded the status of official veterinary medicine in the Netherlands. Hoof-fit Gel is the world’s first antibiotic-free product that can be used officially to tackle Digital Dermatitis (Mortellaro). Repiderma contains adhesive substances, ensuring a long contact time with the skin. In addition to these adhesive substances, Repiderma contains numerous active ingredients that protect the skin against external influences. After applying the spray, Repiderma forms a layer on the skin. Animal types Repiderma can be used on dairy cattle, horses, sheep and pigs.

Repiderma is available in a 250 ml aerosol can.