Combi feed

Enterprise "Bizart" is the official distributor of minerals and combined feeds under the brand BEST MIX in Poltava region. BEST MIX products are made only from high quality raw materials. These products do not contain GMO and meet all the standards.

We offer our customers combines feeds as followed:

- Prestarter feed for broilers

- Start feed for broilers

- Fattening feed for broilers

- Starter feed for turkeys

- Fattening feed for turkeys

- Starter feed for laying hens

- Starter feed for swimming birds

- Grower feed for laying hens and swimming birds

- Combined feed for productive laying hens and quails

- Prestarter feed for suckling pigs

- Start feed for pigs

- Fodder for growing pigs

- Fodder for fattening pigs

- Fodder for pregnant sows

- Fodder for lactating sows

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