Agricultural Ukraine-2013 in Kyiv

In period from 22-24 of May 2013 on the territory of expocenter in Kiev one more exhibition "Agricultural Ukraine-2013" took place. Comamy "Bizart" took part in the event. On our booth we presented equipment for rearing calves produced by German company Holm&Laue, namely:

- CalfVital resuscitator for calves;

- drenching tube for cows;

- ColoQuick with function of pasteurization together with disposable bags, reusable cases, drenching tube for calves made of stainless steel, with teats for drinking calves;

- equipment for preparation of milk diet for calves with function of pasteurization – «Milk Taxi».

- H&L100 Automatic Feeders for calves

In the section «Veterinary preparations» specialists of Company «Bizart» presented preparations produced by world-known companies as:

- «Bayer» (Baycox 5% for calves, Bayofly and many others)

- «Aveflor» (Kubatol, Kerolan, Avejodin, Akutol Vet).

Having analyzed events at the exhibition, we can make conclusions that rearing calves in Ukraine became more actual for milk producers. 

Team of Bizart Company

Talk about colostrum management and operation with ColoQuick

Presentaion of Aveflor products

Presentation of Milk Taxi with pasteurization, capacity 200l


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Mineral additive Sweetlics calf/beef


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