Farm named after Ivan Franko

On photos you can see the process of studying personnel and drinking of calves with the help of Milk Taxi produced by German company "H&L". Advantages of purchasing the equipment:

- Calves - they always get exact amount of qualitive milk with temperature 40.

- Personnel - satisfaction from the work.

- Farm- high weight gains.

Address of the cattle farm - Volynsk region, Gorohovskiy district, Gubyn-1 village. Phone number (03379) 98-0-74.

Milk Taxi 200l with pasteurization in Volyn, Ukraine

Milk Taxi 200l

Milk Taxi at farm

Milk Taxi 200l with pasteurization

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every day from 8.00 till 19.00
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New commodities
Mineral additive Sweetlics calf/beef

Mineral additive Sweetlics calf/beef


Quick test for Calf Diarrhea

Quick test for Calf Diarrhea
Calf diarrhea poses a great health problem in herds and therefore is a significant economical risk in cattle breeding. The causes for diarrhea are

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Vacancies in the copmany

Vacancies in the copmany
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