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Company "Bizart" is official distributor in Ukraine of such world known brands as: Schils B.V., Holm & Laue, Bioscreen Technologies. Our company focuses on long-term cooperation with cattle-breeding companies and farms in Ukraine, that is why we work only with proven producers. The range of products consists of whole milk replacers for ruminants, sheep, goats; by-pass fat, equipment for feeding calves, keeping colostrum, individual and group housing of calves; veterinary preparations for all kinds of animals and poultry.

New technologies implemented in producing feeds and methods of animal management, are embodied in products of high quality, advatnages of which were already estimated by many farmers.

Main products offered by "Bizart" Company:

  • whole milk replacers for calves Eurolac;
  • milk replacers for making combined feeds for calves, pigs and poultry Protilac;
  • by-pass fat for ruminants Profat;
  • rumen protected lysine Rumaster;
  • rumen protected methyonine Pro-Met;
  • rumen protected lysin and methyonine Ly-Met;
  • rumen protected choline chloride Sta-Chol;
  • equipment for feeding calves Milk Taxi;
  • equipment for colostrum management ColoQuick;
  • automatic system of feeding H&L100.

Company «Bizart» is:

  • Reliable supplier of high quality goods;
  • Excellent service;
  • Impeccable reputation;
  • Best support of the client;
  • Professionalism and loyalty to partners;
  • Favorable conditions for cooperation;
  • Responsible business-partner.

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Mineral additive Sweetlics calf/beef


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Vacancies in the copmany
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